Who is Hz. Safwan Bin Muattal

The above names and grave Adıyaman exactly where the tomb of the Sahabe imported sources Sahabe Hz. Safvan bin Muattal. A part of Anatolia Sahabe grave doubts about that, but found, in Adiyaman . Hz. Safvan b. Muattal does not have any disputes. All Islamic History resources agree on the death of Hz. Safvan b. Muattal is in Adiyaman. Although they disputes the date of the death of another in the slightest about death will not be different even a rumor.

In this sense, we consider the Anatolian geography; Sahabe grave as the Anatolian geography, the first two Sahabe grave in the final order we say that certainly in Istanbul Eyüp Hz. Abu El-Ensari's grave and in Adiyaman betweenKahta and Samsat Hz. Safvan bin Muattal's grave should be.That this matter is final. Indeed, the local people in Adıyaman about Muattal "Sahabe-i Paki" as a phrase to use.This phrase, it describes the IFK is happening acquited by the Qur'an.

Up to today, 2 Important research has been made about Hz. Safvan bin Muattal.

The first one belongs to the Abdulcelil ÜNALAN, second one belongs to Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Azimli.



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